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First times a charm!

Wow, so I'm really doing it, I've decided to start my very own livejournal...I'm a little scared, but at the same time excited because this is all new to me. I also feel a little vulnerable because I am going to be down my writing my thoughts, memories and ideas, totally leaving myself open to anyone. I'm sure this journal will only be read by a select few who are close to me, so I am not too worried about what I put in my journal, or who reads this. Basically, I am usuing this as a tool to get stuff out, vent a little (or sometimes a lot), and be a little creative at the same time.

I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone by. The weeks just seem to fly by, though there are times when it seems like everything is in slow-motion. I can't help but think of returning to week in-week out work schedual that lies ahead of me. Going to school has it's advantages, but it also has it's disadvantages too. In some ways I can't wait to be back to the city because there is always something fun and exciting to do, my girlfriend Karen and my close friend Jer are there too. I also can't wait to see all my fellow classmates and teachers from last year, and I'm really excited about some of the classes I will be taking. I'll have two new roomates, who both seem like pretty good guys...I just hope we don't tare each others throats out by the end of the year because we'll always be around each other (they are also in my program at school-but I still think that things will run smoothly). Bills are always a worry for me. I'm the type of person that likes to have everything taken care of, I hate having a debt over my head, it is almost like a big shadow or cloud that never goes away...I know that bills will always be present in my life, and from the experiences of last year I have come "to grips" with the fact that bills are a part of everyday life. I just hate to spend money when there is none coming in, it makes me sick! That is one of the main reasons why I won't miss school when I'm done.
I know this year I'll have to spend a ton of time at school in the computer lab working on various projects for class. At times this scenario seems very boring and I wish that I already knew all the tricks of the trade instead of spending every waking moment at school. At the same time, I want this year to be a good one (educationally speaking) I really want to try and put together some good pieces for my portafolio, and aim at being one of the best students in the program. These goals seem very steap, and I know that graphic arts can be viciously competitive but I have what it takes and with a lot of effort and work hard I can reach my goals. Along with the work comes the play, I want to try and be a little more active this year, now that I'm farmilliar with the city I want to get out and go places....whether it is just to the movies, a restauraunt, or a concert or something...I also don't want my friends to feel neglected this year, so I want to try and spend as much time as I can with them, as long as my studies are up to par.....my par....I can see this year being a really big juggeling match with school, my girlfriend, friends, family and all of that stress that comes with it.
This year I will also be leading (or trying to lead) a Bible study, last year my roomate Dan basically took the reigns of it and schedualed all of the various studies and activities. As it so happens, Dan is headed in a different direction with his life. I will really miss him, he was a great roommate and friend...I know sometimes I might have seemed a little stiffed necked and we did have our arguments but we always seemed to work them out. We are both very the same in some ways (our likes and dislikes and how we were brought up)and we have our own strong opinions on certain things, but none the less I wish him & his Courtney all the best next year! I really hope we stay close via the net and get-togethers throughout the year. It would be a shame if we grew apart over the years.Anyways, about the Bible study...I'm excited to run it, I just hope I can make time for it and I hope that I will be bold because my new roomates are not christian (at least to my knowledge). I hope they are cool about me holding this Bible study, I think they will be, they're both pretty easy-going guys. And I hope that I run it to the best of my abilities and in a pleasing way to God.
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