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Well this week has been a very eventful one. My sister has left for school (I'm gonna miss her), and my parents went with her to help her get settled in and have a vacation at the same time. Not this kid though, I decided to stay at home and work a few more days to make a little money to cover a car repair which recently happened. I would have liked to go, but I'm sure there will be other chances for me to visit the west coast. Oh well, it was nice enough to have the place to myself, and the week has gone by quickly.

It was nice to have Abby (my little yorkshire terrier) as company, and I'm sure she felt the same. She's such a people dog, but she also never stops barking at the littlest of things. It's kinda cute but gets annoying fast. We always joke that she is the Queen of the house and runs things around here. Anyways, since I was the only one around she basically followed my every step, which was kinda nice cause she's practically my youngest sister's dog.

It was also my last week at work for this summer. It went fast now that I look back at it, and I left on a good note. I think the people liked me there and they knew they could count on me. I began to grow close to some of them, which is weird cause I'm so much younger then they are. They took my out to this local bar and grill called Shenanagans (sp?) which was built up to be a little Irish pub. It was nice, we were the only people there for the most part (I think it only gets busy in the evenings cause it is a pub), and the whole week the guys were joking with me that I'd go on there on my feet but I wouldn't be coming out on my feet...I guess meaning that I would be to drunk to leave...They were just teasing with me though cause they know I don't drink. Now I don't mind drinking, or being around people that drink but, I think the way I was raised have a lot to do with it. It was nice cause it was also Pat's (I guess you could say my boss or where I get my orders from) last day before he took some time off to get married. So Cheers to Pat and all the best luck! The food was really good, and I'd go back anytime. The guys didn't pressure me to do anything and I had an all around good time. I look forward to be back there next summer.

Well the day was going by great, just had lunch with the guys, did a few errands around town, clean out my room in order to move back to the city for school then I get this call from Trevor (one of my older roommates) with so not-so-good news about the townhouse where I live. I won't go into all the details but it through me for a loop, I got a little worried, and was stressed! I didn't know what to do, but as soon as I got down to London I tried to meet with the complex managers but they were no where to be found...so I had to wait until the next morning. Morning came and I tried again, but they were gone!?!?!?! I decided to call up the main office to try and get this figured out. Once I did everything was explained to me perfectly, I felt much better, and it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. With that stress lifted off of my shoulders I could sleep again.

School starts in less then a week and I'm excited to see everyone again, I hope I can do well this year.
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