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Eeewwwweee...pepsi blue?

First off, I don't think too highly of pepsi. I'll still drink it, but if you gave me the choice I would gladly choose Coke over it anyday. Since my parents are gone for the week (going out to B.C. to help my sis get ready for her post-secondary ed.) I was feeling a little lazy, so instead of making my own lunch I decided to stroll over to the local grocery store to pick up some taters and grits....mmmmmmmm (j/k). I proceded to order my meal and at the checkout I noticed this new flavour/kind of pepsi. Just the other night my cousin was telling me about it, and how he got to try it before everyone else cause he works at a grocery store...he told me it was good, and I told him I'd give it a try...Anyways, I saw it there and decided to try it out, I came into it with low expectations, and even as I was paying for my meal some girls (I guess they worked there cause they had IGA uniforms on) were getting ready for their break...I could hear them talking amongst themselves and one of them bluntly says "eeewwewe that new pepsi blue is so gross!" Great...it was too late to put it back cause the cashier had just rung it through....oh well I never had high expectations to begin with...I mean it's pepsi right ;)

As soon as I find a good place to partake my beloved taters I reach for my pepsi blue....although I like the french spelling "Pepsi Bleu" it sounds for sexy or something...anyways...I take a swig and it's the grossest most terrible pop available! yuuck! I feel like I'm gonna chuck! I can't even describe the taste....it doesn't really taste like pepsi, I guess it's as sweet (sugar) as pepsi, but the aftertaste is rank and mossy....not that this affects the taste but you can really see particles of food (i.e. backwash) then you would in a darker drink, like umm Coke or rootbeer for instance....which makes it look like some kind of toxic swamp water....thus, it wasn't appealing to the eyes...

I know Jer and I like to have chugging contests..we usually try to pick gross beverages, things that are hard to take in large dosses (things like tonic waters, ginger beer, (not real beer, but it sure is spicy!!!) so this wouldbe a prime candidate for a chugging contest.... It's completely disgusting and a cheap gimmick on pepsi's part...hahaha I'm really burning it for all it's worth... ;)

But hey, that's just my personal opinion....

Excuse me, I have to leave and puke up my lunch now...
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