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Morbid thoughts and Poka-dots...

Things at work today seemed to slow down for everyone...everyone involved with the sales/proposals that is. Today was Thursady, the day before the weekend...everyone was in a good mood, even the executives bought the employees donuts just as a tolkin of their appreciation...which started off the day good...Some people seemed a little grumpy, but for the most part people were stoaked that it was a thursday...Anyrod! As the day grew older, we grew more restless....Ray (one of the owners) has been telling us to lighten up a little, and have fun at work...sidenote - just in the past few months they introduced this thing called the fish philosophy at work, which is intended to make things for a better working environment. So we all (about five of us) decided to invent a game today...thursady august the 22nd, "DeathBall" came to be....Basically it is dodgeball with a twist. In order to make things "fun" around the office there are soft plush basket/soccer balls for us to use....It was only a matter of time if you ask me, but Dwayne (very funny guy, I would guess he's in his early 30's but acts like a 16 year old)...decided it would be "fun" to chuck one of the balls right at my head while I was involved with my work...I thought nothing of it at first, laughed it off and carried on....about a half hour later he did it again...so I did what any other person would do...I threw it right back at him...some of the guys began to notice and over the next few minutes allies and enemies were formed. All of the plush balls had dissapeared from their normal resting places...and found their new homes hidden away in desks, chairs, and book shelfs. Now when anyone took a step down our hallway they got a surprise! Whack! soft plush sportsballs hurled at your head....(now today the owners had to go out and do a few errands, so we weren't too worried if we were found out...) but the thrill of being caught was still there...we'd hit this one guy who hardly seems to smile and he got pissed....he started to swear and cuss (which was kinda expected...) we all had a laugh, and I think he did too once he was back at his office and out of our sight...I must admit it did lighten up the work environment...

As the afternoon went on the game began to change even more...it was now like a course that someone had to go through while people tried to hit them....you had to go down the hallway and the safe zones where peoples offices...so the point was to make it to the end of this narrow hall without getting hit...it was pretty fun, I felt a little guilty taking part but it wasn't as if we were just playing around...we'd do our work, but every now and then everyone just seemed to come out of their offices and start throwing these toys around...

It got to the point where people were daring each other to go in so-and-so's office wher two people were meeting and bounce one off of some poor unsispecting soul's head....we all had a few good laughs after the different mental pictures and scenarios were tossed around....(for the record, the hit and run suggestion was never followed through with) It was a good time, I got a little more closer with my fellow workers before I head back to school...I kinda wish it happened a little sooner then it did...but at least it happened...

I guess the reason I'm writing this here is because it was a memorable day of some sorts...we made a plain old, mundane day into something a little new and exciting.... if you ask me "Deathball" should become a professional office sport...I'm sure there are other places that carry on the way we do....

To many more "fun" days at work!
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Can I join your working environment? I wanna get hit in the head with a ball:o)

My work environment is just full of sexual induendos *sp?* and swimming... haha working at a pool... oh the glory

OH WAIT today was fun at work... I forgot for a second. We went out to dollar store and bought flashing red noses and whoopi cushion and we put the whoopi cushion under the couch cushions and then people farted when they sat down... then we went outside with bowties on and red flashing noses and the kids got scared of us... and we laughed... and then we ran up the stairs making the whoopi cushions fart each step we took haha... and made them sound real juicy... haha and guys think they're the only ones who can have fun!

haha neways now that i've just used this comment to actually post something...